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changing the world through afrobeat

To me, Afrobeat is a very dynamic and energetic genre of music that often has a rhythmic and percussive quality that can make you want to move and dance. It’s characterized by its use of African rhythms, and roots of African music pioneered by the Nigerian musician late Fela Anikulapo Kuti, who used Afrobeat as a means of expressing his political and social views through his music. Today, Afrobeat continues to evolve and be embraced by audiences all over the world as a celebration of African culture and expression. – BG


afrobeat artist modeling a guitar

In Yoruba spirituality, an Odù is one of 256 divinatory principals, each associated with a traditional set of verses (or Ese), representing thousands of years of observations and predictions. In the Detroit music scene, Baba Bg & Odu Afrobeat Orchestra comprised of the city’s best musicians, each of different genres, age, race, and background, representing Detroit’s strength in it’s musical diversity, and always delivers nothing short of a spiritual experience with every performance they give.

16 cowries by Baba BG & Odu Afrobeat Orchestra is a lively and energetic song that features vibrant horns, funky guitar riffs, and a driving rhythm section. The vocals are both in English and Yoruba, and the lyrics reflect on the importance of negotiating and reconciling differences in personal relationships. The song also showcases the band’s talent for seamlessly blending traditional Afrobeat with contemporary influences, creating a truly unique and infectious sound. Overall, “16 Cowries” is must-listen for fans of Afrobeat music and anyone looking for a high-energy and uplifting musical experience.

Baba BG is continuing the tradition of Afrobeat by incorporating his own unique style and experiences into the genre. By weaving stories into the music, he is using Afrobeat as a means of communication and expressing his own views and insights about the world, and by pushing the boundaries of the genre and exploring uncharted territories, Baba BG is helping to keep Afrobeat relevant and inspiring for future generations of musicians and fans alike.

man holding a saxophone over his head